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J. N. Gray
United States
Nickname: Riri
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I do not consider myself an artist. ^^ But I do like to draw, even though I'm not too good at it.

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Wow, it only one week of being on a cruise ship... It took ONE week to discover things that I never knew could be so amazing.

Foriegn men.

What a bland thing, right? They are just men, right? Just other males from across the world, right?



I've never met such nice, polite, and considerate men. Not only are they gentlemen, they are also soooo gorgeous. I mean, who knows? I could have just met the really smoken ones by luck or something, but DANG.They all seemed so...beautiful. And I have to say that dark meat is the most attractive thing I've ever seen on a human. Wow, my grandma would be so disappointed.

And of course, people doubt my judgement when it comes to me saying their attractive, because I look at their soul and personality--not their looks---but I can assure you, they were beautiful on the inside and out. Then again, who knows? Maybe their physical appearance blew me away to the point where their soul/personality was drown out by their masculinity. And that dosen't happen to me a lot. I usually can see right through people.

They made American boys look like road kill.

Seriously, that is how absolutely gorgesous they were! I came back to the states and they boys I drooled over before I left had never looked so...bland. 

I dare to say they were even sexy, hot, irrisitable...ya know, words that would get the point across, but I feel are degrading. Speaking of degrading, this entry is pretty...out there, don't cha think? And I suppose it could either be offensive or flattering... Hmm, I'd delete it, but I feel this is an important part of my life that I will need to reflect upon in the future, so posting it to share is probably the best choice. And I know you guys really like to look into the mind of Riri, don'tcha? Anyway! Have a great day, I had an exellent week last week, and now it's off to Hapkido to make a fool of myself. DX I haven't practiced all week....
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PrincessOfDarkness21 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
"I damned well better never hear of you ever hitting a woman, but you sure as hell are allowed to hit her back."
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Thanks for the Favorite :)
OdditiesByErnie Mar 10, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
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You're welcome. Thank you for giving me something to favorite.
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thank you very much 
for the watch
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